Skilled Trades Video Series

Skilled Trades video series premiers, produced by Jevin Studios for the Round Rock, TX, Chamber of Commerce Career Launch program! The Career Launch initiative is aimed at high/middle school youth in the Central Texas metropolitan area. The videos focus on skilled trade career paths as a viable option, especially for those looking for an alternative to a four-year college–or just might be interested in an employment bridge to earn a competitive wage while going to school. We are very proud of this series, and wanted to take a moment to shine some light on the creative process behind the scenes.

We started with the pre-production process, which included a focus group of high school youth to gauge their feedback, interests, awareness level and understanding of skilled trade jobs, and how to relay that information into a format that would resonate with their peers. This was done in conjunction with the RRCoC, Round Rock ISD and their Career Tech Specialist, a panel of students aged 15-18, and Jevin Studios. Once we gathered the information and set a project scope, the Chamber coordinated student and trade participation, scheduling, and secured signed studio-provided releases from individuals, parents (-18 y/o student participants) and companies involved in the filming.

The on location filming was shot over three days, generously supported by CHASCO Constructors (based in Round Rock, TX). CHASCO allowed us access to the construction site for a new police training facility, as well as their corporate offices for trades-person interviews. Four student participants attended the construction site walk-through shoot, which gave them an opportunity to communicate one-on-one with various trades involved in the construction process. Once the walk-through was completed, these students shared their perspective on audio for narration overlays.

Armed with the Chamber’s vector logo and branding guidelines, Jevin Studios created a simple, high-energy opening title sequence, then designed text callouts¬† and information pop-outs to fit seamlessly with the Chamber’s graphic style. These compositions were re-used throughout the series, adjusting the text/data to reflect the particular film’s message and content. These videos needed to be short and engaging, so timing was key in creating a smooth rhythm that pulled the viewer along for the ride. Having a primarily teen viewing audience, the movies were designed to be casual, real and relate-able to young people. Getting the student participants excited in the production process during the on-location shoot was awesome for our studio! They were all so professional and engaged.

This was a truly wonderful assignment on all levels, especially when it came to my client, RRCoC. Their team had such a clear vision, and were a pleasure to work with. Together, we reviewed hours of footage, shared ideas, revisions, reviewed drafts and worked as a team. This is shaping up already to be a very successful series, and has generated enthusiasm and positive feedback during the soft launch and PR blast. Plus, everyone came away with a deeper understanding of the talent, drive, pride and passion of the skilled trades-persons who help support our economy and infrastructure. This was inspiring to me, personally. It’s always part of the process to finish a task while learning something new during the hours of work and energy devoted; this time, however, the knowledge went beyond the technical, and left me with a profound joy from the people themselves, and a deeper respect for their skill and dedication to excellence. Very cool…

If you’d like to watch the entire short series (30 sec.-2 minutes max, each segment):


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