Jevin Studios Joins Greater Spokane Inc. (Spokane Chamber of Commerce)

Jevin Studios is pleased to announce that we have joined Greater Spokane Inc., the regional branch of the Chamber of Commerce. GSI presents tools, opportunities and a cohesive network for business owners to work together for the common good of Spokane’s business community. As businesses thrive, so do the employees and residents of our neighborhoods who depend on them for their livelihood. Jevin Studios believes the key to our collective success is active engagement on the local level. Supporting local businesses with our patronage and our buying power helps bring prosperity into the lives of those who invest their capital in our community. In GSI, Jevin Studios has found a dedicated resource that fulfills this philosophy, and brings business owners together through events, workshops, connecting and relationship-building. The three pillars of the GSI mission are: Collaboration, Innovation & Respect.

One of the key resources at GSI that appeals to our studio is StartUp Spokane – an entrepreneurship-focused program. StartUp Spokane offers one-on-one networking and start-up assistance, mentoring opportunities, inspiring events, small business education, and much more. As 75% of GSI’s membership base are small businesses, and 40% with 10 or less employees (our category), this organization is dedicated to driving success, and presenting entrepreneurs with the tools they need to grow their businesses and create new employment opportunities.

We’re excited to be a part of GSI’s small business network, and look forward to connecting with the wonderful and innovative people that make Spokane such a diverse and amazing place to live and work!


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