Video Production


The Best Tool for Marketing

Video is the most effective tool for an instant, emotional connection with your customers. A professional video production says a lot about your business, and the quality of your products and services. Jevin Studios will work with you from conception to completion, making the video production process fun and exciting!
Video is also the key to improving your search engine rankings and visitor retention. With an elegant video spot, visitors to your site are more apt to engage and stay, learning about your business in a couple of minutes instead of having to search through tons of content to find out if you're the right company for them...
Luxurious Title Design.
Branding your videos with custom animated title designs takes your logos and company identity to a whole new level, and creates a consistent model for your video library.
Sophisticated Message.
Video allows you to "up the ante" on how your message reaches your customers. A video with high production value speaks for itself, and elevates your image to the public and creates confidence in your services.
Creatively Innovated.
Our mission is to take your company identity design and translate it into creatively produced video spots, capturing your vision into motion.
Video Production


One exciting component of video production is green screen compositing. Jevin Studios can bring our screen to your location, or film your talent in a green screen sound stage. In post, we key in whatever footage you need to create believable scenarios and environments around your actors: live action video, 3D scenes,  company branded motion graphics, exotic's the limit!
We process 100% of our graphics in-house, and also source from sophisticated stock footage libraries if needed. Need CG visual effects? Look no further -- smoke, fire, explosions, collisions or fluid dynamics...we have the software and skill to make it happen. Green screen compositing can take an ordinary scene and turn it into an extraordinary masterpiece.
aerial video


Jevin Studios is the perfect choice for capturing aerial drone video and photography for civil engineering, real estate listings, utility companies, environmental assessment, parks and recreation, events, flood damage assessment, construction, urban and infrastructure development, showcasing outdoor product inventory, farm and ranch, documentaries and more! Our 3DR Solo drone fleet is equipped with GoPro HD/4K cameras for the perfect shots. Jevin Studios is a Certified Remote Pilot with Small UAS Rating from the FAA.

If you are looking for a unique way to highlight your business location, drone video is an opportunity to differentiate from the competition. Adding high quality aerial shots to your company's toolset for marketing or development purposes, combines the latest in visual technology with a video-focused web environment. The result is a comprehensive asset that will take your communication to new heights. Contact Jevin Studios today for a FREE consultation.
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