3D Design for Product Visualization

3D Design for Product Visualization

Spice Jar Product Set 3D Render

3D design is a very powerful tool in the world of advertising and visualization. Without realizing it, we see 3D product imagery every day in print ads, retail displays, television commercials, movies, motion graphics and more. Excellent 3D rendering can be indistinguishable from the real thing, and can enhance details that draw attention to key product features with perfect precision. We are in awe at fantastic beasts and visual effects in action movies; attracted to the brilliant detail in diamond jewelry ads; purchase the elegantly designed, high-end wristwatch that exuded quality and luxury from a magazine page; bought the newest car or truck we fell in love with after seeing it speed by effortlessly in a television advert… Many of these products are carefully reproduced in digital glory to exact specifications down to the millimeter, lit in virtual sets, and rendered ready for the graphic designer to apply text overlays, or animated and composited against real-world video to create the perfect product illusion, transforming a captivated viewer into a paying consumer.

3D product visualization can be a huge asset for projects where you’d like a tailored style, mood or level of detail that would be impossible to achieve with traditional photography. On the flip side, a professionally photographed product can also be composited into a 3D set for seamless integration of real world imagery and CGI. There are numerous possibilities and scenarios where adding 3D to your advertising projects can yield dramatic and outstanding results.

When I started my indie studio back in 1995, in order to be able to deliver for my clients it was imperative that I become a generalist. I developed skills in modeling, shading, scene creation, lighting, animation, dynamics and rendering. This has not only made me more prolific as a professional, but has brought me a feeling of accomplishment and sheer joy in the 3D creative process. Every assignment presents unique challenges that require creative solutions. And with each new solution comes growth.

Over the years, I’ve produced 3D scenes and animation for a variety of industries, including technology companies, aerospace, video games, broadcast advertising, books and print, product visualization, national defense, independent startups, film and more. And I never get bored when creating…ever.

Jevin Studios LLC is at your service should you need quality 3D design for your project. It would be a pleasure and a privilege to bring your ideas to life…


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