Jevin Studios’ Urban Garden Project

Jevin Studios’ Urban Garden Project


[btx_quote author=”– Sitting Bull”]”Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!”[/btx_quote]

This spring, Jevin Studios rolled out an urban container garden at our property, as part of a life balance initiative to encourage wellness and meditation through interaction with the earth. We started by adding some new soil to the existing raised beds, and then recycled a children’s blue plastic race car sandbox (left behind by the previous owner) into a large planter. Next, we added numerous fabric planters (a generous gift from my sister-in-law and brother as a housewarming present — Thank you!). The fabric planters are of varying sizes – small, medium and large – and hold anywhere from 30 quarts of soil up to about 100 quarts. Easily moveable, these environmentally sustainable planters are the perfect containers for an urban garden.
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Once all the containers were filled, then came the fun part – buying and planting all of the vegetables! We shopped at a local family-owned nursery in Spokane (buying local is a wonderful way to support small business owners in our community), and found everything we were looking for. The total cost for all of the vegetables (both plants & seeds) came to around $300. Within one afternoon, we had all of the beds and containers planted.
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Our garden is growing the following vegetables: artichokes, broccoli (two varieties), red & green cabbage, sweet corn, kale (two varieties), spinach, lettuce, beets, arugula, tomatoes (5 varieties), sweet peas, beans (three varieties), tomatillos, squash (several varieties), jack o’lanterns, strawberries, scallions, chives, brussel sprouts, carrots, sweet mini-peppers, and herbs (chamomile, oregano, sweet & thai basil, dill, mint (chocolate and regular), parsley, cilantro and rosemary).
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Tending the garden will be a daily labor of love and relaxation, and a wonderful way to balance our work life with outdoor activity. At Jevin Studios, we encourage physical and spiritual well-being. The fruits of our labor are just part of the feeling of accomplishment and joy that getting back to nature brings into our lives. We’ll be adding more photos of the garden as it begins to flourish! Peace, love and light.
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Susan, a blog viewer, sent these images of her fabric container garden, inspired by the eco-friendly pots in this post. I really love how creative she was in arranging the interior lift to add height to the planters in her arrangement! Well done, Susan – thank you for sharing!
[btx_gallery images=”1086,1087,1085″ no_of_columns=”3″ popup=”true”]Fabric planter arrangement, courtesy of Susan C. Published with permission.[/btx_gallery]
Gifts From The Garden! Growing Fast…
[btx_gallery images=”1098,1097,1096,1095″]Gifts From The Garden[/btx_gallery]
And here is a dish Chef prepared with fresh spinach, butter crisp lettuce, arugula, scallions, tomatoes and edible pansies harvested from “Jevin Farms”. The delectable farm-to-plate greens are topped with organic/free-range chicken, seasoned with salt & pepper and seared in a drizzle of olive oil. An olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette dressing adds a splash of flavor to complete this refreshing spring dish. A wonderful treat after a long day’s work!
[btx_image image_id=”1088″ link=”/” position=”center” on_click=”none”]Seared Chicken Salad with veg ingredients sourced from “Jevin Farms”. Bon appetit![/btx_image]

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  1. Henrieta and Steve says:

    Your garden looks Amazing!!!!

  2. Trey, just read your blog and reviewed the photos. What a wonderful way to spend your spare time. Connecting to mother earth and various plantings you have accomplished is a wonderful meditative experience and expression of love. Looking forward to your updates as Jevin farm matures. I am sure you are looking forward to tasting the various fruits of your labor of love.

  3. Heidi Groff says:

    Looks amazing Trey!!!! xoxoxo

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