Promoting Your Business With Video

Promoting Your Business With Video

Video shoot for The Dashcam Store

Promoting your business with video is the most effective way to communicate your products and services to prospective customers, drive traffic to your website and increase sales. You only have a few seconds to imprint your brand on savvy online viewers — make those seconds count by grabbing their attention, inspiring them to learn more, and earning their trust.

A strong marketing video will display your company branding throughout and have a clear and direct message. Stylizing the video with your company’s identity (colors, fonts and logo watermark/placement) adds consistency which ties your website, print material, product packaging and video together. Consistent branding is the hallmark of a professional organization.

Quality production value is also extremely important. Amateurish videos give the impression that you are a cut-rate company with inferior products and services. In contrast, professionally executed videos will leave a positive imprint that speaks volumes about the high level of service a potential customer can expect when they transition into a buyer. Keeping your videos short and to the point allows you to maximize your communication potential and increase retention.

There are several components involved in professional video production:


  • Establishing a budget
  • Research and development (R&D)
  • Setting the style for the video
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding/shot layouts
  • Securing stock footage & soundtrack royalties/licensing
  • Booking talent (actors & voiceover) and sound stage for filming (if needed)
  • Permits & releases


  • Filming
  • Motion graphics (animation, text overlays, opening/closing titles, etc.) & visual F/X
  • Compositing
  • Sound editing
  • Software scene layout/composition creation and keyframing of video, motion graphic elements and stock/B-roll footage


  • Individual scene/composition rendering
  • Software Editing
  • Sound addition & keyframing
  • Rendering of full composition
  • Proof review & final edits
  • Final rendering and output for public viewing (online streaming and/or broadcast)

During the pre-production phase, we nail down the scope of the project and logistics required for a successful product delivery. Jevin Studios will work with you to establish the script and storyboard each shot (for framing and timing), then set a production schedule timeline. We’ll set up cloud file exchange directories for easy access to footage and rendered comps for review, and book the filming dates. We have our own lights, portable green screen, professional grade video equipment, as well as resources available for additional components based on the project scope if needed, including HD footage elements (royalty free stock images, video clips, etc. for purchase). We’ll also assess the need for resources for hire depending on the result desired, including talent and sound stage booking. For on-location filming, we will secure all the necessary permits and releases to make your shoot 100% legal and in compliance with local ordinances.

For a two to three-minute marketing video, we recommend a budget of $2500 to $5000 as a starting point, depending on the level of production value you are looking for. Video is a very time-intensive process; a professionally produced movie with multiple scenes, motion graphics, filming, editing and post production usually takes several days per minute of finished, rendered screen time — not including the hours of actual filming. At 30 frames per second (fps), complex scene compositions will have hundreds of precisely timed keyframes, multiple layers, and numerous effects applied to get the desired result. This attention to detail has huge payoffs, however, with final videos that are smooth, slick and flow with an even tempo and rhythm — keeping the viewer engaged and connected.

During the production phase, filming starts and the scene editing and motion graphics process takes center stage. Here we will focus on creating the content of your movie, and adding the filters, effects, animations and timing necessary to produce a smooth and enjoyable visual experience.

Something to keep in mind when producing your movie is audio — quality sound is also a key factor in successful video production. You can fool the eyes, but you can’t fool the ears. Disconnected, poorly captured audio will kill a video production and immediately alienate the viewer. Jevin Studios takes extreme care with audio capture to ensure a high quality product. Selecting a filming location without audible contamination (exterior/background noise, contamination from mechanical systems such as air conditioners, etc.) is key, as is proper mic placement and usage. Audio editing software is used as an additional tool to adjust volume levels, and remove unwanted contamination where possible. For video productions relying on heavy narration, we can book a recording studio for optimum results.

Jevin Studios uses Adobe After Effects as our compositing and motion graphics software of choice. This industry-standard app is the most widely accepted tool for film production. Here we will create your opening and closing titles, import the raw video footage we film (and supporting elements such as animation and stock/B-roll footage), key in backgrounds filmed against a green screen, and create individual compositions for each shot. We’ll set-up audio tracks for export, composite elements, and apply meticulous detail frame-by-frame. When scene compositions are finished, both visual and audio elements are exported for layout in the post production phase.

In post, each rendered composition and audio track is imported into our app suite for final editing. Here we will sync audio, apply scene transitions, add the musical score and additional sound effects, and pull the entire movie together in its final form. Once we are pleased with the result, we export the finished video ready for streaming online, showcased theatrically or viewed via television broadcast.

If you’d like to take your business marketing to the next level with beautifully produced video spots, please contact us. We always offer a complimentary consultation for new client projects. Jevin Studios is at your service, and welcomes the privilege of working with you.

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The above is a marketing video for our client Vista360 Health, a new Central Texas HMO provider.

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