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Our production model is rapid-fire video series spots for social media and website marketing. Keep it short, sweet and stop the scroll! You have less than 5 seconds to grab someone’s attention on their feed, and about 10 seconds to hook them into a video once they start watching. Every one of those seconds is valuable to create a ROI. We work with your team to develop short, dynamic and entertaining movies that stimulate engagement, while driving traffic to your business or website.

At Jevin Studios, we produce all of our videos in-house. This allows us to exercise 100% quality control throughout the entire production process. We have proven relationships with local talent agents to assist in staffing your movies with extras and voiceover artists, too, so your videos will always have that slick, professional finish. Take a look below at some of the steps in the film production process. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to serve your video production needs. 



Jevin Studios gets to know you, and works with your team every step of the way in order to make the production process a wonderful and rewarding one. Planning is key to a successful video series. In the pre-planning phase, we gauge the visual style you’re looking for, review scripts your team has created, plan and outline the shots, create a filming and production schedule, and help you coordinate the necessary resources required to fulfill your vision.


Branding is vital to creating a successful link between the viewer and your business. Jevin Studios incorporates your company’s branding guidelines and logo into each production for perfect consistency. When a customer watches your video and goes to your website or physical location, there should be 100% brand recognition. We ensure your look and style is central to the production design, so that each spot becomes an extension of your marketing outreach and fits seamlessly with your carefully cultivated identity.



The video production phase is where all the magic happens! We handle all aspects of the creative process, including filming, editing, motion graphics, sound design, encoding, post production, motion graphics and visual F/X. With over 24 years of solid production experience, we have the skill and ability to tackle even the most demanding projects. Your finished videos are delivered as high-bitrate .mp4’s, ready to push out onto your social media pages, YouTube Channel and website. We offer different production packages to choose from, to fit your project’s needs and complexity.


In addition to our video production creds, we offer animation services as a package add-on to take your series to the next level with 100% custom designed content! Animation is a wonderful way to incorporate fun, stylized elements to interact with live action characters, or be featured as standalone spots. Animation can also be used to create conceptual environments, product visualization, moving prototypes or sets for green screen compositing. The sky’s the limit – and we never stop reaching for the stars when it comes to delivering the best creative content for our valued clients. 


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