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3D Design for Product Visualization

3D design is a very powerful tool in the world of advertising and visualization. Without realizing it, we see 3D product imagery every day in print ads, retail displays, television commercials, movies, motion graphics and more. Excellent 3D rendering can be indistinguishable from the real thing, and can enhance details that draw attention to key…
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Deceptive Marketing Will Hurt Your Business!

Deceptive marketing will hurt your business – and drive customers to your competitors. I had a very bad experience this Labor Day Weekend, falling into a trap set by a very popular big-box pet store chain. My experience with their deceptive marketing campaign was so bad, I felt compelled to write this blog as a…
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Key Principles of Effective Branding

Branding your business is a truly exciting venture! Successful branding will elevate your company’s image, and if done properly, create a recognizable and permanent bond with your customers. Some key points to keep in mind when launching the branding process, to insure your identity has the maximum impact: Consistency Consistent branding across your company’s collateral…
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